Excluding and Filtering in Server Manager: Quick Tip

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Have you ever used a technology for years and suddenly found an awesome hidden feature? This has happened quite a few times to me such as here or here. This post marks another one of those experiences. When you first load machines into Server Manager (like you did in the Best Practices post), you likely freaked out! Dozens of servers were marked as offline and hundreds of services were stopped/disabled.


Best Practice Analyzer (BPA): Consulant in a Box

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Using Server Manager

Are your servers still generating short file names? Are your forward lookup zones configured for 2008+ domains? Ever wish you had an easy way to check your servers against Microsoft’s recommend best practices? By using the Best Practice Analyzer (BPA) in Server Manager, you can identify common misconfigurations and fix them (without even having to hire a consultant)!